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About Us

True Diversity wants to transform how companies attract, engage, hire and retain more diverse talent. We only work with companies that are authentically trying to create more inclusive workplaces. 

We are a small team and are looking for a product manager to join our team to drive our MVP. You will be working on understanding and developing a product experience that helps create high value connections between job seekers and companies. 

About You  

A mission driven Product Manager who is curious, data-driven, willing to take risks in the service of learning and can ruthlessly prioritize. 

You Will Be Responsible For 

Building the right thing

  • Executing on the product roadmap and strategy by working together with engineering, design and GTM.
  • Use your skills and tools to understand external and internal customers, building deep empathy for the value those customers need.
  • Designing and running experiments to validate what to build. Be willing to fail fast and pivot without mercy or guilt.
  • Make clear ‘the why’ to audiences from your team up to the C-Suite, and commit to measurable value outcomes.
  • Ruthlessly prioritize what needs to be built. Be comfortable saying no.

 Building the thing right 

  • Own getting features through our Definition of Ready. 
  • Use deep collaboration with your team to get the features built. Write and accept stories, refine a backlog, answer daily questions, admit error and own the functionality.

Building the thing fast  

  • Have a mindset and philosophy for decomposing features into small shippable increments that accelerate flow through the team.
  • Figure out how to ship something every iteration. Develop on cadence, release on demand.

Measuring Impact

  • Use KPIs, OKRs and other information radiators to focus your intent, document your success and steer away from failure.
  • Have a rigorous build - measure - learn cycle to validate the impact of what you have built.

 Collaborating across functions

  • Be able to facilitate collaborative decision making workshops.
  • Product Management lies at the intersection of Customer, Business and Engineering. You’ll need to listen to, partner with, and influence all three.
  • Being transparent about strategy and progress across functions.

Your Experience

  • You have 2+ years of Product Management or equivalent experience helping to build and SaaS products.
  • You have experience working on products in the early stage of the product life cycle
  • You have experience with lean startup and are comfortable identifying and validating risky assumptions.
  • Experience with agile development methodology, ideally Extreme Programming.
  • Experience using quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools and methodologies.
  • You have broad experience or interest in Marketing, Design, Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and are prepared to grow in a fast moving and scrappy company with big ambitions.  
  • Experience facilitating collaborative exercises or workshops to build alignment.
  • You have experience working in a technology startup. 



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